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About Map Index

The app finds the old series and the new series topographical sheet numbers for all locations inside India on three different scales
1. 1 : 1000000
2. 1 : 250000
3. 1 : 50000
and tells whether the sheet is restricted or not (applicable for old SOI series only).

The app allows the user to get the location in three different ways. The user will get the topographical sheet number of this location. The Location could be :-
1. User's current location :-
When user needs to find the topographical sheet numbers of his/her current location
then this option provides the latitude and longitude along with the sheet numbers of the
user’s current location. The app will keep on finding latitude and longitude of the current
location until the accuracy goes less than 5.0 meters.

2. Important locations in India :-
When the user needs to find that in which sheet a particular city lies in.

3. Custom Search :-
When the user wishes to find the topographical sheet number of a custom location then
this option provides the user to enter latitude and longitude of a desired location. The
latitude and longitude can be entered in either degree decimals or degree, minutes and

The location user has searched can be shown on map. The User can use either google maps or Open Streets Map (OSM).

It is a very useful app for field engineer d
Krishna Rajput
Very useful app & I like it.
priyanka pandey
Very useful app
Dimple Razdan
Very useful for people working on land resources
Neelam Mohan
Fantastic app; quite useful in our kind of work
Vimal Garg
You useful app.
Shrawan Kumar