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Currency Strength Meter - Extended Version Screenshot 0
Currency Strength Meter - Extended Version Screenshot 1

About Currency Strength Meter - Extended Version

This is an extended version for Currency Strength Meter app. You can visually check currency pair strength using trading view currency strength meter.
*. Up to 4 widget meters on screen
*. Auto refresh
*. Notifications on strong sell/buy

Storage/Media read/write permission :This app save your settings in a database file and save in your local storage. To read/write this file above permission is required

**Having Ads even after donation ?
If you made a donation yet ads appear, this is probably because you haven't given media/storage permission. Note that storage permission is required to store the key inside your app.
If you have not given media/storage permission, Go to settings > Application Manager > Currency Strength Meter and clear data. Then open the app and give media/storage permission. After that follow these steps.

1. Click Make a donation button again
2. Then click Apply/Restore button, it will automatically apply the key
3. Restart the app

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Decosh XX
Great app & accurate signals upto 70%. Till now my first day & i would like to donate if you keep continue the great work.
Mohammad Awais
Good app so far. Very helpful
Mario Loho