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About SimpleCommands

SimpleCommands allow you to interact with your digital world more effectively, more efficiently, and on your terms. SimpleCommands makes it simple to send and automate commands to your connected “Items” like connected smartbulbs from LIFX and TP-Link, WIFI thermostats like Nest Labs and via Wink smart home hubs, all kinds of garage door openers, alarms and doorbells from ring and many other online products and services.

The real power of SimpleCommands is in its home automation capabilities. Trigger, automate, and schedule any combination of your smart home devices. Geotriggers can turn your home lights on/off when you enter or exit a predefined location. Schedule your smart plugs to shut off at certain times of day. Use alerts from your smart cameras to play a sound on your Sonos smart speaker and send yourself an SMS message. The combinations and possibilities for your smart home automation are endless!

Step 1: Add your Items
After you’ve created an account, it’s quick and easy to get going. Use the phone app to securely link your digital products and services (your “Items”) to SimpleCommands. Once you have added an items they are immediately accessible via your Listeners and conveniently grouped by type/category.

Step 2: Access and control items with at app or any one of a variety of voice compnaions and SMS.

Step 3: Use SimpleCommands
Start sending commands! SimpleCommands allows you to communicate on your terms with your Items from anywhere, anytime. You’ll find SimpleCommands indispensable when it comes to managing smart home hubs, automating smart home devices, and more. It will change how you communicate with all of your smart (internet-enabled) things, using a convenient simple interface for similar connections!

Featured Connections:
Alarms: Ring and Honeywell Products
Smartbulbs and Switches: iHome, LIFX, TP-Link, Phillips Hue, Osram Lightify, Samsung SmartThings, Insteon
Smart Hubs: Insteon, Wink, SmartThings
Smart Sensors: iHome, Lyric and Ring
Thermostats: ecobee, Honeywell, and via Smarthubs
Garage Doors/Smart Locks: Chamberlain/Liftmaster myQ, Garadget and Tuya devices
Irrigation: Rachio

Stop by and learn more at:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is SimpleCommands?

SimpleCommands is a platform that allows you to interact with your digital world more effectively and efficiently. It allows you to send and automate commands to various connected devices and services, such as smart bulbs, thermostats, garage door openers, and more.

What can I do with SimpleCommands?

With SimpleCommands, you can trigger, automate, and schedule actions for your smart home devices. For example, you can turn your lights on/off based on your location, schedule your smart plugs to shut off at specific times, and receive alerts from your smart cameras on your smart speaker or via SMS.

How do I get started with SimpleCommands?

To get started with SimpleCommands, create an account and use the phone app to securely link your digital products and services (Items). Once added, your Items will be accessible via Listeners and conveniently grouped by type/category.

How can I access and control my Items with SimpleCommands?

You can access and control your Items through the SimpleCommands app or any of the supported voice companions and SMS platforms.

What are some of the featured connections supported by SimpleCommands?

SimpleCommands supports a wide range of connections, including alarms from Ring and Honeywell, smart bulbs and switches from iHome, LIFX, TP-Link, and more. It also supports smart hubs like Insteon and Wink, smart sensors from iHome, Lyric, and Ring, thermostats from ecobee and Honeywell, and garage doors/smart locks from Chamberlain/Liftmaster, Garadget, and Tuya devices. Additionally, SimpleCommands supports irrigation systems from Rachio.

Where can I learn more about SimpleCommands?

For more information and to learn more about SimpleCommands, you can visit their website at
I love this app. Combined with Google home it allows me to do so much with my smart home devices that isn't supported out of the box.
Joey Smith
The absolute best way to connect a MyQ garage to Alexa
Logan Fisher
When MyQ code was updated I could no longer use my Alexa Skills to open/close my garage doors. With SimpleCommands I am now able to regain control of my garage doors with Alexa. Thank you!
David Jones
The app has made arming and disarming Ring system automated. Yes I have to sign in sometimes. To me that is no big deal. What is crazy is the time zone is different from Pensacola Florida, it is eastern time...
Tyrone Willis
Absolutely amazing. I saw a reddit post on how to integrate Ring Alarm Security to Google Home with this app and it does exactly that. I scheduled every morning to disable the alarm and created routines to a...
Ha Nguyen
Used to work. Was 5 stars then. I think myq devices have been blocked from the app now. I have since been able to use this app as intended. When adding routines in SC I did not add the close -open actions. I...
donald rupprecht