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About Veterinary Emergency Medicine Small Animal

Clinical veterinary practice: the satisfaction of knowing that you have done the best for your patients; isn’t that what we all want?

Emergency medicine can be busy and stressful with sometimes many seriously ill or injured patients. When managing these patients you need the convenience of quick reliable information. What is more convenient than your phone in your pocket or your tablet?

This is where the KIMBA Veterinary Emergency Medicine Small Animal app comes in.

Got a dog in hypovolaemic shock from acute haemorrhagic diarrhoea syndrome? Need a quick reminder of cardiovascular perfusion assessment? What about guidelines on fluid resuscitation and a fluid dose calculator?

Got a tomcat with urethral obstruction (“blocked cat”)? Need a quick reminder of management priorities? What about how to treat clinically significant hyperkalaemia including drug doses and a dose calculator?


Drug dose calculators:
• Single doses
• Single agent infusions
• Multiagent infusions, including separate morphine-lidocaine-ketamine (MLK) calculator

Fluid therapy calculators:
• Bolus calculator
• Infusion calculator

Drug formularies:
• Most commonly used emergency medicine drugs with doses, routes and extra comments
• Separate searchable canine and feline formularies

Other features:
• Extensive ‘5-minute consult’ style information on a variety of emergency complaints and disorders – including all the classics!
• Quick check data including e.g. physiological parameters, potassium and glucose supplementation charts, and CPR drug doses
• Separate sections on transfusion medicine and on neonates
• Clinical image gallery including radiographs and ECG strips

The app is downloaded to work offline offering guaranteed reliability irrespective of your practice’s internet connection.


This app is for veterinary surgeons and nurses/techs working in small animal/mixed practice. It will be most valuable to those dealing with emergency patient. But oh wait, isn’t that all veterinary practices?! The calculators and formularies are especially useful regardless of how many emergency patients you see.

The app will also be very helpful for veterinary students (doctors, nurses/techs) as a learning resource and clinical tool. Including in those stolen moments between seeing a case and having someone quiz you on it. We’ve got your back!


Shailen Jasani created the app. He is a small animal veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) specialist (Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care). He has extensive experience in both primary care and referral practice (, Shailen also has considerable teaching experience, especially with primary care vets and nurses/techs and with students.

Based on this experience, Shailen has created an app that provides practical help to colleagues working in clinical practice.

Please note that Shailen is very happy for you to contact him (see below). With questions about the educational information provided or queries about small animal ECC in general. But please do not get in touch with urgent questions about active cases as Shailen may not be able to respond in a suitable timeframe.

Note: Image 4 included with the kind permission of Dave Leicester.


If you have any problems with or comments about this app please get in touch with Shailen via email at [email protected] or on Twitter @VetEmCC.

For more veterinary ECC resources, check out: the FREE Veterinary ECC Small Talk podcast available in Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and on the Veterinary ECC Small Talk website ( You may also wish to join our private Facebook group/page.

>> This app is a clinical tool that will help you to deliver the best care to your patients. Got an emergency? Relax, you’ve got it covered <<

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Extremely helpful for first year vets and people not involved in ER normally. Good reference material as well.
Lorenso Escobar
Never could I asked for a more easy and comprehensive app for ECC.
Lidia Nistor
I used this app on my ecc rotation and this is an amazing resource! Really helpful for vet students and new grads.
Jen Ringenberg