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About KiKUU: Online Shopping Mall

KiKUU is an African online shopping mall with over 400,000 latest fashion products available in the APP. Vary from fashion products to life essentials, you can enjoy massive deals everyday!
Over 2 million people in Africa use KiKUU to shop affordable goods. Including Ghana, Tanzania, Cameroon, Uganda, Dr Congo, Senegal, Rwanda. Let’s skip the shopping mall and find lower prices on KiKUU now.

* Free shipping & delivery for all products
* Constant coupon giveaways, discounts, flash & super deals 
* Limited offers in best price renew 3 times a day
* New arrivals update every week
* 7 days hassle free return & refund
* Talk with sellers directly to get the best deal
* Local service team
* Secure and convenient online payment methods
* Track your order with automatic shipment notifications

Shop safely and convenient online with KiKUU APP!

What can you shop on KiKUU in details:

Trendy women’s fashion: dresses, tops, T shirts, shirts, robes, African clothing, jackets, sweaters, sportswear, bottoms, pants, jeans, skirts, shorts, swimwear, lingerie, leggings...

Handsome men’s fashion: Tops, T shirts, shirts, suits, jackets, sweaters, jeans, casual pants, shorts, workout wear, underwear...

Shoes: sandals, heels, pumps, sneakers, sports shoes, boots, canvas shoes, business shoes...

Bags: handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, clutches, wallets, travel bags, briefcases...

Accessories: jewelry, watches, hats, sunglasses, scarves, belts, socks, hair accessories, ties, wigs...

Kids: girl’s clothes, boy’s clothing, shoes, bags, toys, school supplies, baby gear...

Home: appliance, kitchen tools, cookware, cloth, trendy home decor, lights, sheets, furniture...

Beauty: brushes, skincare, perfume, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation...

Electronics: Smartphones, computers, speakers, fitness trackers, smart watches, phone cases, chargers, headphones, gadgets, auto decoration, organizers, cleaners...

Sports: exercise gear, weights, soccer, basketball, men’s workout clothes, women’s athleisure...

You can also buy from our website:
Ghana ==>
Tanzania ==>
Uganda ==>
Cameroon ==>
DR. Congo ==>
Senegal ==>
Rwanda ==>

Let’s Talk!
Thank you for all your support and suggestions! We're continually improving the app to serve you better. Leave us an email at [email protected] to leave a comment, report an issue, or make a suggestion.
You can also find us on Social Media (Search KiKUU)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is KiKUU?

KiKUU is an African online shopping mall with over 400,000 latest fashion products available in the APP. It offers a variety of fashion products and life essentials at affordable prices.

How many people use KiKUU?

Over 2 million people in Africa use KiKUU to shop affordable goods.

What are the features of KiKUU?

The features of KiKUU include free shipping and delivery for all products, constant coupon giveaways, discounts, flash and super deals, limited offers in the best price renewing 3 times a day, new arrivals update every week, 7 days hassle-free return and refund, direct communication with sellers, local service team, secure and convenient online payment methods, and automatic shipment notifications to track orders.

What can I shop for on KiKUU?

On KiKUU, you can shop for trendy women's and men's fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, kids' clothing and toys, home appliances and decor, beauty products, electronics, and sports gear.

How can I shop on KiKUU?

You can shop on KiKUU through their mobile app or website, which is available in different countries including Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, DR Congo, Senegal, and Rwanda.

How can I contact KiKUU for support or suggestions?

You can leave a comment, report an issue, or make a suggestion by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also find KiKUU on social media platforms by searching for "KiKUU".
Very good
Benny Temba
Ramsey Mlaki001
Is good
Phidelia Atsum
This app is better than Amazon and Alibaba because its really simple to pay for stuff using mobile money,no complications like thise others
very good service
titi roms
Abdullah IT