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About KidsLipi – Hindi & Gujarati Learning App

One educational app to learn Hindi and learn Gujarati. Our Hindi and Gujarati language learning app includes 25+ categories, 300+ words, kid-friendly illustrations, and clear audio sound for respective languages. Perfect kids learning app for Hindi & Gujarati – download now for free!

If you were in search of Hindi learning for kids or Gujarati learning apps for kids, this the app for you. It includes Hindi Varnamala, Gujarati Kakko, Hindi Barakhadi, Gujarati Barakhadi, Hindi Numbers, and Gujarati Numbers for free.

As one of the best and easy ways to learn Hindi and Barakhadi we also included Hindi & Gujarati colors, shapes, and more available for both languages.

Including many Gujarati & Hindi alphabets and words, along with Hindi Varnamala words, our app includes everything to learn the basics of these languages. To make it easy for you, the non-native speakers can read the words in English for respective Hindi and Gujarati words. Masterfully designed to be a kids' language learning app with simple UI and easy navigation. Most importantly our language learning app is AD-FREE.

Essential Categories:
- Gujarati Kakko - Gujarati Alphabets (consonants & vowels)
- Hindi Varnamala - Hindi Alphabets (consonants & vowels)
- Gujarati Barakhadi and Hindi Barahkhadi (a combination of consonants and vowels)
- Hindi Numbers and Gujarati Numbers
(Together, these categories help kids learn the foundation of Hindi and Gujarati.)

Additional Categories in Hindi and Gujarati:
- Colors
- Shapes
- Domestic Animals
- Wild Animals
- Water Animals
- Bugs
- Birds
- Flowers
- Vegetables
- Fruits
- Vehicles
- Helpers
- Body Parts
- Facial Expressions
- Directions
- Seasons
- Bhartiya Months, and
- Week Days
- Time

Learn in the fun, easy and effective way!

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Great app to learn Gujarati
Hitesh Joshi
Very very nice and helpful to everyone.
Nalini sharma
Great for learning the alphabet and different sounds within the language, and also basic vocabulary. The voice is very pleasant too.
Vivek Patel
Very nice app. Usefull for every also good for learning of gujrati language.
Shyam Lal Sharma
Thank you
Dauva Kifayatullah
Best app for kids learning gujurati
Rishi Patel