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About Kids Safe Video Player with Parental Control

“An easy to set up and use YouTube and videos player for parents and kids alike!”

There are lots of kids apps with parental controls on the app store that claim to have safe search, child lock, and lots of cool parenting app features. However, the problem is, most parents (let's admit it) find it hard to configure these apps, to fully take advantage of its features & keep their children away from harmful, abusive, or adult content.

This is why we develop Kids Safe Video Player with Parental Control. It works as an android kids video player lock that's made especially for non-tech savvy parents & for KIDS.

This parental control app also comes with a child safety lock that ensures your toddlers can only watch the child-friendly Youtube videos or any videos in your Android device. Using this video player with child lock restricts children from accessing any unwanted videos or phone functions. Hence, parents can control what videos are allowed for their kids to watch.

Kids TV Safe Video Player with Parental Control is going to be the best Android parental control & child lock app for your kiddos. It is suitable for different kids' age groups, making it safer & educational than all other toddler apps.

How to Use Kids Safe Video Player with Parental Control

This is the easiest app to child-proof your android phone or tablet! Parents just need to select a list of videos from Youtube, or stored on their device, or the Internet that their kids can watch. This ensures that their child will only be able to see the list of fun & edutainment videos approved by them. Finally, no more +18 content! Yes to digital safety, yes to video parental control apps with Kids Safe Video Player with Parental Control!

"Now is that time for us parents to create a child-proof kids mode or kids place environment on our Android devices"

Kids Safe Video Player with Parental Control Features

☑️ Easy for parents to set up, configure, & use
☑️ Easy to use Kids or Toddlers YouTube Video player with Child Lockscreen feature
☑️ Built-in player supports various video formats
☑️ Setting to lock media controller on video player.
☑️ Scans your device & external storage for available videos for parents to select from.
☑️ Safe Search YouTube Videos to make sure they are kids friendly
☑️ Import your YouTube Playlist
☑️ Add video URL from internet
☑️ Lot of options to control behavior on playback completion.
☑️ Enhanced child lock features based on Kids Place settings.
☑️ Auto Sync YouTube Playlist
☑️ Parental Controls

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this app block videos better than the other parenting control apps?

It was specifically designed for parents to address the need for an effective parental control app on Google Play.

Can this app protect young kids, toddlers, as well as teenagers?

Yes, this kids mode app for samsung galaxy tab and other Android devices is suited for any ages including teen years! In fact, we have received a lot of positive feedback from many parents who use this app for toddlers, kiddos, & teenagers.

Can I install this app on all my Android devices?

Yes, this app works equally well to create the safest kids environment on your Android phones or tablets.

Again, Kids Safe Video Player is specifically designed to be intuitive and parent-friendly. It's of the best parental control apps out there. Install it now and see for yourself how easy it is to enable the child lock on this app.

Download Kids Safe Video Player with Parental Control Now!!!

Permissions Required

All permissions required by this parenting and kids app are used to ensure your kids safety by blocking unwanted videos, pornography, and other adult content. Rest assured that this app will never use these permissions to access any of your private data.

Note: "YouTube" is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

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I love kids video player.
Very useful. Fulfills our needs with 2 small kids and protects your phone.
Alma Mehilli
Oumar Kolon