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About Yarn

With the advent of social media and broad TV movies and shows, children all over the world read less and have a low sense of vocabulary. Yarn is an educative and informative app for children. Yarn is a subsidiary of House of Genres Ltd. and comprises various captivating and properly descriptive stories for children to read and enjoy daily.

Yarn offers a new story to its readers everyday. Each story has a good blend of the specific genre for the day and outlines a wonderful use of language structure. This story is also categorised according to the kid’s age so you do not have to worry about age restrictions. To keep the minds of the readers at par, Yarn also provides a test or quiz at the end of each story. This quiz is scored and the more correct answers from the readers, the higher the user climbs in rank.

Yarn is a premium service and as such you are provided with a 7 - day trial run after which you are to subscribe for a month or a year as you desire. As the parent, you are limited to only 2 children and to increase this number, you can purchase more access in the payments tab to include more kid(s).

Yarn also offers you a means to generate funds in the platform by referral. Each member you refer that subscribes earns you a bonus and of which can be used to pay for your subscriptions.


Profile Management
A new story per day
Search filter for your stories
Support System
Ranking System
Online Payment
Referral Base System
Quiz or Test Practices

How It Works

Install the app
Register with your correct information
An OTP is sent to your email address of which you are to use to Verify your account
Access the dashboard and enjoy your 7-day trial period
Read the story available for you today either with your kid or give the kid access to the story.
Let the kid, take the quiz or test at the end of the story or whenever he or she feels ready on that day.
Edit the kids profile if you want to in the profile section

How to Subscribe
Click on the navigation bar
Proceed to Payments
Select the item you want to subscribe for and make your purchase

In any case, you would like to contact us for any reason, do well to leave us a message in the support section of the app or proceed to to reach out to us and we would respond to you as soon as possible.