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About Parenting Boom

Parenting Boom App, the must-have parenting assistant for nowadays parents, the one that enables you to see the progress of your children! Based upon developmental psychology theories, children’s emotional education programs developer Kiddevelopping has been established for over ten years and has successfully helped over 4000 children.

Do your kids often cry and complaint incessantly? Are they difficult to communicate with? Do they often get in fight with peers? Parenting Boom App can help parents with children between age 2 and 12—the best period to malleate personality–to correctly understand the nature of the children. We provide systematic and applicable parenting suggestions with online professional counseling available. You don’t have to feel confused on the path of parenting. Help your children become the best version of themselves and help yourself become a more relaxed parent.

【Customized analysis】Equipped with academic theories and rich clinical experience, psychologists provide multi-dimensional and complete analysis of your child’s behavior.

Behavioral analysis: you are invited to fill out a questionnaire of ten sets of questions about your observation of your child, from daily life to relationships between siblings, from interpersonal interaction to learning performance. We will provide analysis on different aspects of your child’s personality traits.

【Customized parenting suggestions】Suggestions, as well as regular parenting goals, will be provided according to the result of the analysis.

Parenting suggestions: concrete adjustments tools for your child’s strength and weakness. Plans for you to follow and to interact comfortably with your child.

Parenting goals: monthly achievable parenting goals, with “My calendar” linked to customized notifications system. Goals that are easy and simple for you to achieve.

【Interaction demonstration】Case examples and professional online counseling.

Demonstration for goals application: each parenting goal comes with a concrete demonstration example as an illustration for you to get the essential of parenting.

“I have a question” section: if following the parenting suggestions has led to challenges, professional counselors will clarify and reply online one on one.

The meeting room: besides parenting suggestions, professionals are available here for all sorts of consulting.

【Continuing progress】We provide next stage suggestions according to your child’s on-going progress.

Children grow and change very quickly. Questionnaires can be re-proceeded every 1.5 to 3 months, so as to update next stage suggestions.

【Parenting journal】Keep a record of all things big and small during parenting. Accompanying the child on the journey of growth. Helping you with constant self-examination and staying close to your child.

【Useful quotes】Parenting chicken soup for the parents, making parenting even easier.

【Membership and bonus】Membership gift for first-time registration. You’ll be offered a behavioral analysis of your child and a parenting suggestion. You can collect bonus points by logging in regularly and exchange the points for free online professional counseling.

【Website version】This app can be synchronized with its website. Very convenient to use.

【Real feedbacks】Feedbacks from parents who have benefitted from Kiddevelopping, who have really seen the change on their children.

*Please note that the app content and the online counseling are currently mainly available in traditional Chinese.

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