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About Kettlebell Workout Wizard — WOD Generator

Struggle with exercise motivation? Love kettlebells? Then this workout app is for you. The kettlebell workout wizard is a fitness training companion for all kettlebell enthusiasts.

Quickly generate a new random workout each day (WOD) based on your skill level. 1000’s of exercise combinations are possible so no two workouts are ever the same. Keep your workouts fresh and enjoy the fun element of surprise.

You will develop strength, cardio, muscle, improved mobility and posture by progressing through these kettlebell workouts. These logical but randomised workouts will ensure that you never fail to neglect an important movement pattern or exercise.

⁃ Kettlebell swing for both cardio and strength
⁃ Full and half Turkish get ups for the ultimate core
⁃ Goblet squat for strong legs and buttocks
⁃ Halo for supple and pain-free shoulders
⁃ Snatch for explosive full body power
⁃ Single leg deadlift for improved sports performance
⁃ Deck squat for better hip mobility and core strength

⁃ 3 skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced
⁃ Clear videos demonstrating each of the exercises
⁃ Illustrations of each exercise for quick reference
⁃ Different repetition ranges for the different levels
⁃ Quick teaching points to master the movements
⁃ Full body exercises for maximum muscle activation
⁃ Balanced exercise prescription based on movement patterns

Brought to you by Greg Brookes, Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instructor.


Great app, keeps your workouts fresh, and takes away the problem of 'what shall I do today'. Just wish it didn't shuffle to the next combo if you accidentally go from portrait to landscape
Barry Hough
This is a great app, but where is the kettlebell snatch exercise? This is a fundamental kettlebell exercise, but it doesn't seem to be included in any of the workouts.
J Brock
Love it, variety, instructional videos
Tom Boven
What an awesome find, and people who rate this app with less than 5 stars are choosing beggars. It's free, and an ad-free app FFS!
Leandro Julius Sabado
I love Greg's work...this app is simple to use has wonderful demos. If you know Greg or follow his newsletters or his website there's a wealth of knowledge and he has used that in the app. Wonderful app. Tha...
Akshay Badakere
Excellent for beginners
moh the great one