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About Fat Tuner :: Guitar Tuner

Fat Tuner was created to be simply the best guitar tuner on the planet.

• 100% Free
• Large, clear analog-style display
• Automatic note detection
• 440, 432 and 444 tunings
• Advanced settings for ultimate accuracy
• Customizable backlighting color
• Handy tuning reference chart
• Not just a guitar tuner. Works with virtually any instrument!
• Target note frequency displayed for reference
• Captured frequency continuously shown for precision

Usage of the tuner

- Play a note on the guitar and let it ring out a few seconds. Don't pick quickly!
- The needle starts from the center and moves toward the detected frequency
- Quiet the guitar and adjust
- Repeat until the needle stays in the center

Tip! Refer to the continuously updated frequency at the top to see exactly what the tuner hears.

Definitely the best tuner I have ever used. Love it!!
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