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About MusicBee Remote

Important! Application development is currently in hiatus. If someone is interested in picking the development please feel free to send me an e-mail.

MusicBee Remote is an application that allows you to remotely control MusicBee using your Android device.

It is a third party application and thus it is not affiliated in any way with MusicBee or Steven Mayall.

The store listing uses content owned by ProleteR available at under (cc) by-nc-nd 3

You can find help and links to the plugin required for the application to work on

Both the application and the plugin are open source and distributed under the GPLv3 License.
You can find the source for the application on and for the plugin on

Jordan Georgiadis is responsible for the logo concept.
Tasos Papazoglou - Chalikias is responsible for further refining the logo, creating the promotional graphics and designing a major part of the UI and assets.

The latest plugin requires at least MusicBee v3.0 to function.

MusicBee Remote requires a device running at least Android v4.1 along with a wireless network connection in order to function.

-Basic track information display (artist, title, album, year of release and artwork).
-Basic player control. (play, pause, stop, next, previous, volume change, mute, shuffle, repeat) account scrobbling on/off. love/ban.
-5 star rating.
-Playback progress display and control.
-Lyrics support.
-Now playing list display, along with the ability to choose a track to play, search for a track to play, remove a track from the now playing list, or reorder the tracks.
-Library browsing support with the ability to enqueue, or play the tracks.
-Basic playlist support (list and press to play)
-Option to reduce the volume, pause/stop playback on incoming call.
-Lockscreen controls on devices running Android 4.0 or greater
-Headset controls on devices running Android 4.0 or greater
-Volume control using the hardware buttons.

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Works wonderfully. Thanks for making this good app. Keep it up.
Excellent Control App for Windows control of Musicbee. Makes for hours of enjoyment sitting in chair and listening to high quality music from my PC. Well done!
Rich H
Thanks so much for doing this! This is a life saver. 1 less reason to switch to JRiver!
Shuvradeep Mukherjee