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About Smart Siddur

A full smart Siddur prayer book that packs everything you need exactly at the time you need it.

This Siddur app gives you a Jewish prayer book in all main Nusachim including Edot Mizrach (Sfaradim), Ashkenaz, Sfarad (Sfard, Chasidim, Union Nusach) and Chabad (Ari, Tehilat Hashem).

The Smart Siddur automatically organize the prayers to perfectly fit the current Hebrew date. So for example on Rosh Hodesh you will see Halel after Amida, but on a regular weekday, you'll see Tahnun.
A celebration in Shul? Does someone have a new baby boy? You can simply toggle the No Tahnun option and immediately it will be removed from the text.
The Siddur now included a Woman toggle, so you won't have to deal with Tfilin and Men oriented prayers.
And now new! A compass to Jerusalem!

**Prayers Included**
* Shacharit
* Mincha
* Arvit (Maariv)
* Birkat HaLevana
* Birkat HaMazon
* All the blessings said on food
* Megilat Ester on time
* Full Kinnot book
And many more

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Oren Levy
Amazing best app for a siddur on a phone but i wish they didnt charge for the pro version then the app would be the best siddur on andriod
lebron james
A Google user