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About Sausage Man Tricks

Are you interested in playing it? You can download Sausage Man for free through the Google Play Store and App Store. New players will be able to claim a login reward for 14 days, in which there are prizes for weapon skins, costumes, and Supply Boxes.

In Sausage Man, players will experience the thrill of battle royale battles for up to 100 players at once. In addition, the battle area is also made very wide, and there are many cool customizations.
In addition to relying on intense shooting action with shooting animations to realistic weapon models, the battle royale gameplay offered by Sausage Man allows you to perform crazy and creative actions in dominating the course of battle.
In Sausage Man, there are two large maps to choose from, including; Battle Island with a size of 8x8 km with sandy urban buildings and wide plains, and Rainbow Island which has a smaller size of 4x4 km with a densely built environment.

This guide will help you through almost everything on Sausage Man Game. Check as often as possible, because this guide will be updated according to the most recent informations.

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