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About JWDTools (Engineering Tools)

JWDTools program is especially useful for civil and structural engineers.

It includes a set of engineering and mathematical tools as well as a unit conversion section.

The calculation and design in engineering tools section is done according to the ultimate method of the Syrian Arab code.

Tools in the current version are:

Structural Engineering Tools:
Section Designer: Bending Design (Rect - T) - Shear Design - Beaxial Design and Interaction Diagram.
Element Designer: Column - Isolated Footing - Corbel
Simplified Structural Analysis: Continuous Beam - Seismic Forces (UBC97 - ASCE 7/2010)
Dimension Estimation: Beam Depth - One Way Slab Thickness - Two Way Slab Thickness - Ribbed Slab Thickness
Steel Bars: Bars Table - Bars Calculator - Stirrups Calculator - Mesh Weight
Section Properties: Many section shapes (I - C - T - L - Rectangle - Circle - Ring ... etc)
Other: Concrete Properties - Volume Weight of Materials - Hordy Blocks Weight

Mathematical Tools:
Equations: Solving Equation of n Degree - System of Linear Equations
Geometry (2D): Calculation of Lengths, Perimeter and Area (Contains Triangle Solver and Irregular Quadratic Shape)
Geometry (3D): Calculation of Lengths, Area and Volume
Algebra: Fractions and Decimals - GCD / LCM - Primary Factors

Conversion Tools:
Conversion of units to a wide range of quantities


This program is bilingual (Arabic and English), and can be switched between these two languages ​​through the program options.

Some of tools are free, some require full version activation (paid)

How to activate the full version is shown here:

The explanation of the tools contained in the program is shown here:

This program is a member of the family of JWDStructure © series that includes:
JWDBeam: Continuous Beam Analysis and Design
JWDQuake: Seismic Design Program
JWDColumn: Columns and Foundations Design

Ali Khieto
Great program
ghofran daher
يعطيكم العافيه برنامج رائع
Azad mansour