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About Blue Monster Hide and Seek

I'm Blue Monster - your guide in this Survivor In Rainbow Monster Hide and Seek io game. The first mobile version of Rainbow Game with Rainbow Monste.

In Survivor In Rainbow Monster Hide and Seek mobile game, In Rainbow: Hide and Seek, you can take on the role of a seeker trying to catch the unfortunate victim, or you can hide and live in time-limited missions. Play either as a blue monster or as a hider, choose your favorite role and enjoy the free rainbow hide-and-seek strategy games. Let’s defeat your fear, and find places to hide for perfect survival or find characters to catch. In the best rainbow monster hide-and-seek 3D games, complete the challenging missions in the given time and get points. Let’s collect coins and boosters to get the victory and have fun.

Five nights, with each evening consisting of a special task or challenge you must complete while avoiding the Rainbow Monsters. It’s playtime!

Let's come and play with Rainbow Blue Monster Hide and Seek 🌈


HOW TO SURVIVE - Avoid the Rainbow Guy

💙 Blue Rainbow Monster
Blue Monster is the scariest monster in the rainbow games. He wanders around the map searching for you, indicated by his stomping and chuckling. He will chase down you that are not hidden inside a locker or a box.

💚 Green Rainbow Monster
Green Monster is always on patrol, however, they’re also blind, so avoiding this beast is all about making as little noise as possible. Be sure not to make a single movement.

❤️ Orange Rainbow Monster
You need to consistently feed Orange Monster to keep them from coming out to play. Fortunately, an orange line appears to show where Orange Monsters will walk when patrolling, so you can quickly hide if you see that they’re coming around soon.

💜 Purple Rainbow Monster
To avoid Purple Monster, you just need to make sure and watch the vents. If you don’t see eyes or hands creeping out, you can safely walk by it.

Survivor In Rainbow Guy- TIPS
Pay close attention to the sound in the game, you don’t want to be caught in your playtime
A lot of avoiding the Rainbow Guy by listening for footsteps and other sounds that indicate they are nearby! Wearing headphones while playing a rainbow game is the best way to escape.

Survivor In Rainbow Buddy is a horror but fun experience that you can't afford to miss. Facing the monsters seemingly nice and friendly turns into a terrifying nightmare.
In rainbow hide-and-seek strategy games, you can face many difficulties at different levels as it gets harder. Let's run fast or you'll be caught. Smooth and simple controls of Blue Monster Hideout strategy games allow you to easily fulfill the tasks of two different roles. Stunning graphics and realistic character animation will give you real thrills. Choose your role, customize your characters and live the exciting adventure of the best online hide-and-seek games. Be careful and avoid bumping into others or getting stuck in a corner, Rainbow Monster will crush you to death in trouble. Let's find out secrets together while enjoying a scary time, happy time!

- Hold and drag to move
- Get coins and items to buy power
- Run fast and don't get smashed if you're the Imposter

- Addictive gameplay, control with only one finger
- Several roles with impressive skins and skills
- Beautiful and unique 3D visuals
- Countless challenges, countless fun
- Play online and offline
-Step by step increasing difficulty of escape way

Enjoy the mobile version of the horror Rainbow Games!

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