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About Hours - Time Tracker

Hours is a time tracker app made for users, by a user.

With Hours you just press the play button, write what you are doing and start tracking. And when you're done; press stop. Hours then takes care of grouping what you're tracking, and helps you use the same title each time (to prevent duplicate names).

Other features include:
- Excel export
- Statistics
- Hours left (daily and weekly)
- Data backup and restoration
- Choose your own color

Things you're NOT going to miss:
- Having to create an account
- Creating projects and tasks each time you want to log something new
- Not knowing where your data is stored
- Ads

Hours will never become a paid app, and will most likely continue to evolve to suit my own future needs. It's only here because I'm using it myself, and I believe that others might find it useful as well.

Awesome app!
Kaushal S
Best most advanced adfree that's also free with no in app purchases. Thanks for your efforts you made a great tool and shared it, it's really helpful! Cheers
Alex M
The best part besides that this app does exactly what it says(yes,the irony when you see most of the other apps),it is totally free. I really hope you keep it free. I am so happy i found this,this helps me a...