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About The Stranger

“There are very few effects that transcend ‘magic trick’. ’The Stranger' is one of those effects."
-David Regal, "Genii Magazine"

“The Stranger” offers unlimited scenarios: A playing card is chosen, a word is thought of from a Book Test, the numbers from someone’s address are named, an envelope is freely selected, or the name of someone’s loved one is offered…and then, a random stranger is called. The audience has a conversation with the stranger and the stranger reveals the information.

This is an impossible moment. It leaves the audience with a feeling they cannot explain and they erupt in applause! Not out of a desire to be kind, rather as an uncontrollable, visceral reaction. And it happens every time.

With this purchase, you can have a playing card—any card, using no force of any kind—revealed by a stranger. Other effects can be unlocked to allow a number or a word revealed, read an NFC tag, or to simply allow the audience member to speak and have key details revealed by the stranger on the other end of the call without the performer saying a word.

“So clever... the method alone opens up SO many possibilities”
—Danny Garcia

“This is one of the strongest and most well put together phone app effects I've ever seen!”
—Tony Clark

"I am having a blast with ‘The Stranger.’ A perfect, offbeat trick that I pull out when I want to send them over the edge.”
—Paul Gertner

“You did it! This is definitely the best 'Call a Stranger' idea ever! For the working pro to the beginner. This is a real winner!”
—Dan Harlan

“Jonathan has thought of everything. Do yourself a huge favor, download 'The Stranger' today!”
—Carl Andrews, "Vanish Magazine"

Support for International regions and languages include the following:

Phone Number Display:
When dialing a phone number within or to a country, the proper phone number format will display on screen.

Ringer Tones:
The tones you hear while waiting for the call to pick-up are correct for the region.

Disconnected Number Recording Convincer:
This convincer prior to calling a recording or a live Stranger, will be in the language of the region set by the user.

Phone Screen Language Translation:
The phone dial screen and active call screen display the correct language for the screens.

Conversation Recordings:
Phone conversations are in the language of the region chosen by the user.



Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China (Cantonese), El Salvador, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA:
Phone number, Ringer tones, Disconnected number recording, Phone screen translation, Recordings

China (Mandarin), Denmark (Danish), Netherlands (Dutch), Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Kuwait, Philippines, Croatia, Vietnam, Romania:
Phone number, Ringer tones, Disconnected number recording, Phone screen translation

India, Japan:
Phone number, Ringer tones, Disconnected number recording, Recordings

NOTE: If you do not see your region listed above, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] to request for your region to be included in a future update.

This app is for entertainment purposes only. Click here ( to see Terms of use for more information.

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“There are very few effects that transcend ‘magic trick’. ’The Stranger' is...




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Juman Sarma
Awesome functions, Great work by the developer. Hope some more functions would be available for India. Free trial is just great. Thanks to the makers..
ankit ghotikar
Please add South Africa
Conray Poole
Killer Swiss knife all in one. Hope there is a talagalog in Philippines recording card reveal
Abet Otero
Fantastic app and the support is outstanding
David Barry
This is one of... Scratch that the best magic app I have ever come across and I have apps like predictagram Cipher time line that are pretty good and iv also tried allot of free trial effects that just did n...
James Ryan