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Panzer Campaigns- Smolensk '41 Screenshot 0
Panzer Campaigns- Smolensk '41 Screenshot 1
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About Panzer Campaigns- Smolensk '41

Smolensk '41 is a paid release in the Touch PzC series. You should install and play the original free release PzC: Panzer before installing this app as that will give you the chance to test the game engine on your device and become familiar with the interface.

This release includes 14 historical and hypothetical scenarios based on the PC Panzer Campaigns game of the same name. There are 11 scenarios where you play the German commander and 3 scenarios where you play the Russian commander, in all cases against the AI.

While this version of Panzer Campaigns will run on large-format Android phones, it is best on an Android tablet with screen size of 7 inches or more.

Usual Jt Goodness.
Although I prefer Modern Campaigns from a historical perspective, I love the added complications in Panzer Campaigns - eg Cavalry, Towed AT guns and foot infantry. Now tackling Kharkov '42!
Christopher Adams
Another excellent addition. Great work John keep'em coming!!!
Anthony Nicosia