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About Rebuses

Rebus is a puzzle in which a word is encrypted using pictures, letters and symbols. The word "rebus" itself has a Latin origin, but rebuses as a riddle originated in France in the 15th century.

What is interesting in the game:
• Puzzles for adults;
• Many interesting puzzles;
• Remuneration for guessed rebuses;
• Ability to use a hint;
• Pleasant music.

“Rebuses” is a game in which a lot of interesting and fascinating puzzles composed of pictures and other symbols are collected. The game has both simpler and very complex tasks. And so that, despite the complexity, guessing the puzzles does not cause complexity, you need to know the rules for solving them:

• Rebus is read from left to right, and in rare cases from top to bottom;

• The hidden word must be a noun in the singular and in the nominative case;

• Items that are depicted are read in the nominative case and singular, and several identical items are read in the plural;

• The image of an object turned upside down must be read backwards;

• The letters before or after the picture are simply added to the name of the item;

• Commas before or after the picture mean that you need to remove as many letters at the beginning or end of the word as the number of commas drawn in the name of the painted object;

• The arrow above the picture from right to left shows that the word that is encrypted in the picture needs to be read backwards;

• A crossed out letter near the picture means that this letter does not need to be read in the word, and if another letter is next to the crossed out letter, we change the crossed out letter in the word to another letter (the equal sign may be used instead of crossed out);

• Strikethrough letters that stand apart from the picture are read with the addition of a “not” particle;

• The numbers next to the picture indicate the numbering of letters in the word. A crossed out number means that you need to remove the letter under this number in the word. And the numbers that are out of order mean that the letters in the word must be read in the same order as the numbers are;

• The sign of the fraction is solved as "on";

• A letter in a letter, a letter beneath or above another letter, a letter from other letters and other combinations of letters mean the presence of a preposition or conjunction “and”, “b”, “k”, “y”, “s”, “for”, “ from ”,“ on ”,“ by ”,“ before ”and others that describe the relationship of letters to each other.

For each guessed rebus in the game points are given. Earned points will come in handy if you can’t solve the encrypted word. For a certain number of points you can:

- open the first letter of the word,
- open all the letters of the word that will be out of order,
- skip the rebus, with the ability to return to it later.

“Rebuses” is an excellent intellectual workout that improves memory and develops logical thinking.

super game))
Андрей Алтунин
Я люблю такие ребусы. Мне нравиться. Советую вам играть эту игру
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