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About Puzzles for girls

Game's features:

  • Puzzles for girls

  • 40 colorful pictures

  • Bubbles, which can be bursted

  • Candies as a reward

  • Voice guidance

  • Funny music

"Puzzles for girls" - is a great colorful game, forming precision, patience and assiduity from an early age. Children from 2 years could learn how to collect such a jigsaw. First of all babies could watch, how their parents collecting puzzles and then - learn how to do it by thenselves. You have to begin from small number of details - 6 pieces, then it is possible to increase difficulty, by choosing 20 or 30 pieces.

In a game - "Puzzles for girls" there is a possibility to collect two types of pictures: drawings and photos. Each category has 20 images. By opening image, which children likes, children have to choose details' number, of which they want to collect the picture. During the you have to be very attentive, 'cos the reward will be all your favourite sweets, for which you can open new pictures-puzzles later. Also, for every collected puzzle, little princesses will await a surprise - that are flying bubbles, which can be bursted by finger. Voice guidance by a child's voice will help you to concentrate and to collect picture fast. And funny music, no doubt, will cheer your baby up.

By playing "Puzzles for girls" your child trains ability to see the task multifacetedly, improves logic, imagination and fantasy, attentiveness and memory, learns to take decisions by himself. Interest to such games opens creative skills in your kid.