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About PT-Helper Pro

PT-Helper Pro consists of exercises recommended by physical therapists and wellness professionals for the ankle, back, elbow, hip, knee, neck, shoulder and wrist. Keep your physical therapists and fitness assigned exercise program with you at all times by adding exercises into your Favorites list.

Download your physical therapist's prescribed exercises using the HEP Keycode provided to you by your therapist from PT-Connect. Your assigned exercises will appear on the front page underneath your therapist's company name.

Enabling Sync Results will send your completed exercise information back to your therapist to keep them informed on your progress.

PT-Helper Pro helps you follow through with your home exercises for quicker recovery from your injuries and ailments with improved mobility.

Key Features:

 Animated exercise programs to lead you through your Favorite exercises
 Multiple illustrations within each exercise to clearly show proper exercise form
 Written exercise description
 Timers for hold and recovery times to pace your exercises
 Repetition and Set counters


 Create your own list of Favorite exercises
 Specify Hold, Recovery and Rest times for each exercise
 Specify Repetitions, Sets, Weights, and Exercise Band color for each exercise

PT-Helper Pro is designed to help you overcome these common issues with doing physical therapy exercises at home:

 Losing your exercise papers and not remembering which exercises you need to do
 Not understanding the exercise images that are part of the handout
 Not having your exercise papers when you have time to do your exercises
 Losing track of your repetitions
 Losing track of how long to hold each set

PT-Helper Pro does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physical therapist or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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