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About Voicemail Saver (Save your voicemails forever!)

Important information for Verizon and Sprint Customers below....

Do you have a personal or business voicemail that you need to save but your carrier’s system keeps asking you to delete voicemails to make room for others?

If so, we have created the Voicemail Saver to work with your Android's Visual Voicemail so that you can save your voicemails Privately.

If you lose your phone or upgrade to a new one, just download the Voicemail Saver to your new phone, sign in with your email address and your password and voila! Your voicemails are there!

WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE HOW THE VOICEMAIL SAVER WORKS. Just copy and paste into your browser.

NEW FEATURE: Picture and Video Upload!
Voicemail Saver customers can now save Pictures and Videos to the Voicemail Saver PRIVATELY! All pictures and videos are encrypted - not even Google can see your pictures or videos, only you. Even we can't see them! Your privacy is our top priority.

For only $19.95 per year, customers can upload their pictures and videos privately (encrypted) and have them at their fingertips with Biometrics using facial or fingerprint recognition. Most iPhone owners pay $10.00 per month to store pics and videos. Our charge is only once per year!


Verizon, Sprint, and some other companies have a FREE version and a PREMIUM version of visual voicemails. Sometimes their FREE versions do not offer the share or forward feature. They do this so that you have to sign up to use their Premium version, which does offer the SHARE or FORWARD feature.

NOT A PROBLEM! Watch the video above to learn how to SAVE your voicemails in spite of not having Verizon's or Sprint's Paid Premium visual Voicemail.

If you prefer personalized assistance, please call either of the phone numbers below. One of us will be there to help you.

Invite all of your friends from your social media accounts using our "Invite" feature. They will thank you for the invite.

PRICE INFORMATION: We charge $3.99 for the download, encrypt all information, and create your own app. We also charge a $3.99 yearly subscription fee so in all, the first time you sign up, the total is $7.98 and that covers you for the entire year and includes a 3 -day trial if you own an android and a 7 day free trial, if you own an iPhone. Every year after that, you will only be charged $3.99 per year for unlimited Storage and unlimited personalized customer service.

And remember, if you lose or upgrade your phone, all you have to do is download the voicemail Saver onto your new phone, sign in with your email address and password and all of your voicemails will be there!

We wanted to make it affordable for everyone to be able to save their precious voicemails and we think we have succeeded by the sheer number of voicemails saved!!!

Please email, call, or text us if you have any questions.

[email protected]

The VoicemailSaver is Patent Pending. Transfer your voicemails

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ARLES is amazing and a huge help to me. He's a keeper!
Jennie Stevens
Can't say enough about not just this app but Arles the person, was and is the most patient and kind man! This pulls heavy on your heart trying to keep memories of those most precious to us who've we lossed.O...
Al Pontes
Easy to use! Thorough instructions and excellent way to safe voice messages for ALL reasons - 5 stars!
Margaret Ralph