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About Chayenu

Chayenu, designed specifically for Jews in the English speaking community, facilitates the learning of the daily Torah study cycles (of Chumash, Rambam and more) in a practical, convenient and portable format. Chayenu achieves this by publishing and distributing a weekly English-Hebrew Torah study magazine.

Chayenu has a global readership of over 20,000 people in 55 countries. Our flagship product, the weekly Chayenu magazine, features content from a variety of relevant and inspirational Torah sources, including classical commentaries and other original Torah content.

The app is so much clearer than the booklet. Thank you so much
Eli Backman
Amazing app!! Very clear and easy
rochi shemtov
Love doing Chumash with the app as opposed to a Sefer / even chayenu booklet coz rashi follows straight after possuk and vica versa, the flow is smoother than back and forth using print. Stream lines doing C...
Mendel Goldman