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About King's Party : Multiplayer Game

πŸ‘‘ King's Party: Become a King of Game's Party
Join the party of funny mini games with your friends. If you win, you are the King.

King's Party is a massively multiplayer party knockout game through series of challenging minigames. Play with your friends and you guys have to overcome minigames to get the high rank in the room to be win.
Mini game As the god will has dead road and obstacles prevent you from reaching the finish line.
Mini game mental math, challenge your mental math skill with the grumpy magic professor
Mini lucky game that you must choose the protective shield in the right time the doctor cut the detonator red line.
Mini game of running away from zombies at the ancient graveyard
Mini game of running away from throwing mines
And other plenty of funny mini games updated regularly.

Game Features:

πŸ‘‘ UNLIMITTED minigames in game store

πŸ‘‘ CUSTOMIZE your own room and your friends to challenge

πŸ‘‘ OVERCOME challenges and get the rewards

πŸ‘‘ GET badge of honor and gold coins and SHOPPING

πŸ‘‘ INTERACT and CHALLENGE other players

Play King’s Party together, defeat foes to be the King's Party

NOTE: game is still early stage so stay tuned we will update regularly. This is not an easy game, do you have what it takes to be a true King?

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is King's Party?

King's Party is a multiplayer game where players participate in a series of challenging mini games to become the King of the party.

How do you win in King's Party?

In King's Party, you have to overcome various mini games and achieve a high rank in the room to be the ultimate winner.

What types of mini games are in King's Party?

King's Party offers a variety of mini games such as obstacle courses, mental math challenges, lucky games, running away from zombies and mines, and many more.

Can I play King's Party with my friends?

Yes, King's Party allows you to join the party with your friends and compete against each other in the mini games.

Are there rewards in King's Party?

Yes, by overcoming challenges in the mini games, you can earn rewards such as badges of honor, gold coins, and shopping opportunities.

Can I customize my room and challenge my friends in King's Party?

Absolutely! King's Party allows you to customize your own room and invite your friends to join you in the challenges.

Is King's Party regularly updated?

Yes, the game is still in its early stage and the developers promise regular updates to introduce new mini games and features.

Is King's Party an easy game?

No, King's Party is not an easy game. It requires skill and determination to become a true King of the party.