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About Islamway

Islamway is the largest Islamic online library.

Islamway contains more than 100,000 audio lessons, for 900 scholars.

Islamway 30,000 articles with total number readers reaching more than 130,000,000 for all articles.

Islamway has more than 10,000 books.


★ Listen to any lesson or recitation.
★ Browse more than 100,000 lessons.
★ Browse more than 900 scholars.
★ Browse more than 30,000 articles.
★ Browse best lessons, new lessons, most viewed lessons.
★ Browse best recitations, new recitations, most viewed recitations.
★ Browse best articles, new articles, most viewed articles.
★ Search for lesson by lesson name or scholar name.
★ Search for article by article name or author name.
★ Search for books by book name or author name.

An active internet connection is needed to use the Islamway app.

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جميل جدا
Mayada Eid
تطبيق رائع يحوي جميع الدروس لجميع الشيوخ، جزاكم الله خيرا
تطبيق عظيم ..بارك الله لكم وجزاكم خير الجزاء ياريت تكملوا مجالس القرءان لدكتور أحمد عبد المنعم
Ali Hawas