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About Facility 47 Free

You wake up alone and freezing in an icy cell. You try the cell door but it’s locked, it seems that you are stuck with no apparent escape. All that surrounds you is a letter and a bottle of pills, and no sign of how long you have been here or why!

Escape from this room and you will begin a journey through an isolated research facility in the freezing depths of the Antarctic, solving exciting puzzles as you go and unlocking new locations around the Facility. As you explore, you can search for clues that will help you uncover and piece together the mysterious history of Facility 47 and how exactly you came to be there!

Fun and challenging
Donna Kaiser
Challenging but very enjoyable.
Lauren McCoy
This is a high quality game w/ a smart, interesting storyline. It's actually pertinent to what's happening now w/ the pandemic, which makes it spooky. The visuals are nice, & even though I got a warning that...