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About Lumberjack Attack! - Idle Game

The forest has been invaded by dark forces from realms unknown!
You, a run-of-the-mill lumberjack must defend your turf from the onslaught of monsters with only an axe -- and maybe some help from the mysteries of the forest...

◆ Features ◆
๏ Protect the forest by battling waves of incoming monsters
๏ Acquire help from the fairies of the forest - each offering a unique buff
๏ Earn multiple currencies and spend them to make yourself stronger
๏ Multiple skill trees - customise your levelling experience
๏ Prestige - unlock powerful relics to enhance your strength
๏ Idle and active gameplay - suitable for players with either preference
๏ Abilities - Spend mana and activate powerful abilities
๏ Offline Progress - Kill monsters, earn gold and restore mana while offline!
๏ Pixel Art - All the graphics are in a cute pixel art style
๏ Leaderboards - Compete against other players!

◆ Summary◆
Lumberjack Attack! is an idle / clicker / incremental game brimming with features to keep gameplay interesting and entertaining.
There are plenty of different features to unlock, items to upgrade and skill trees to invest in which means you can lead a diverse gameplay path.
The prestige system allows you to unlock unique items, each giving a specific bonus which will aid you in progressing further.
The game is designed to reward both active and passive gameplay, if you like to constantly interact with the game you can do so and if you like to not have to pay much attention to the game it will still auto-battle monsters, furthermore you can kill monsters, earn gold and restore mana even when the game is closed!

Suggestions and feedback are very much appreciated!


Pretty good
Jin Soo
good game
doom averion
Nice game to play!!
Haziq Arief