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About Incredible Monster Green Muscle

This fighting game takes place in a criminal vice city just like Iron Hero & Spider Hero games 2021.
it’s a complete superhero epic street fighting game with beat 'em up mode, like one of the best rope hero superhero games. Perform super power attacks, crush and smash everything on your way by using epic super abilities and multi robot transform power.

Green Superhero rescue mission in vice city with Green incredible monster hero is the new game where you have to fight with monsters and save the people of city. The superhero rescue mission is a story-based game in which you play as a incredible monster hero and fight against the evil creatures and monsters.

The best Superhero fighting games 2021 to show your rope hero monster incredible skills to kill all the evil gangsters and multi robot and save the city. incredible Monster Green Superhero Vice City is all about fighting with dragons and robot by transforming yourself into dragon, monster truck helicopter and drone robot. The best monster fighting games 2021 for robot fighting lovers incredible bulk monster.

Get ready to Begin with all new monster incredible green superhero game 2021. Enjoy Incredible big monster superhero rescuing the vice city from evils drone robot , dragons and complete your missions.

You might have played many multi robot superhero city rescue games before but this time you are going to play this game and enjoy the latest incredible superhero fighting games 2021.
Multiple Superhero characters and robots and different dangerous monsters ,drones are ready to fight so have fun playing these all-new rope hero green superhero fighting games 2021.

Use your green monster incredible powers and robot transformation abilities and be the defender of the vice city to kill all the villains which are spreading threats in the vice city. play as a Green monster superhero is really a fun playing incredible bulk monster city game so starts the playing the game and show that you’re the best incredible hero of vice city offline survival game.

Use the Special spider rope hero smashing powers of monsters and fire power from dragon and shoot bullets from drone robot in this incredible monster-fighting and open world game of 2021 in the action monster hero category.

Superhero fighting games against green monsters’ villains in a vice city open world with a monster truck driving rope hero power and helicopter flying game drone robot flying multi robot transformation and jumping powers and super smash power incredible bulk monster city game 2021.

Transform your green hero into cool dragon and fight the all-other enemy dragons in air by flying towards enemy and using Fire spit power of your dragon hero but beware of enemy dragon’s fire attacks.

Save your vice city from crime mafia lords by defeating crime mafia gangs of angry robots using super punch and super smash super powers and get rid of crime mafia in this fighting game .

Become the new green superhero boss of the monster city by fighting with your best rope hero monster skills and get rewards on every mission completion in this incredible bulk monster city fighting game.

Features of the game :

Multiple monster superheroes characters like green monster.
Shoot Super Laser from Eyes.
Powerful Punch Super Power.
Super Sprint destruction run.
Cool Transformation from Rope hero to Dragon & Monster Truck and drone robot .
Gangsters monsters and villains fighting arena in vice city town area.
Realistic gameplay with smooth controls .
HD quality graphics and animations .
Super Smash Jump Effect .

All the above features with best High quality graphics and Smooth controls of fighting running, and swinging.