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About Notepad With Password - secure free fingerprint

☆Please use it for managing notes, IDs, passwords that you do not want anyone to see☆

☆Lock your important notepad and store it☆

☆You can set your own password☆

☆Simple and light notepad with password lock function☆

☆The password lock function can be turned ON/OFF☆

☆You can unlock with fingerprint authentication (biometric authentication) registered in your terminal☆

☆Notes are automatically saved even if you close the app while editing☆

☆You can management your notes by folders and colors☆

☆Upgrade to new phone at ease by backup & restore function☆

The initial password is '' 0000'' .
Please change from the setting screen.
There is no remedy if you forget your password , sorry!
* We will respond individually only if we can prove that you are the person.

Supports double lock!

At startup → Startup password (with ON / OFF switching)
When migrating to note contents → Separate password (with ON / OFF switching in edit screen)

Supports biometric authentication!

You can switch ON / OFF from the setting screen, and you can unlock the password lock with the fingerprint authentication registered in your terminal.
* Cannot be used if the device does not have an authentication function.

A cancel button has been added to the memo edit screen!

If you accidentally erase all the contents of a notes, you can exit without saving.

The following functions have been added or changed in the moderate renewal of ver5.0.0!

* You can display a time stamp (updated date) on notes list (possible ON/OFF).
* You can sort your notes by update date or title. Please change on the setting screen. (Custom order added from version 5.2.0)

Add Backup & restore function!

You can backup or restore at any time if you want.
When creating a backup file, all the notes in this app are encrypted at once, so anyone cannot check your notes with an external app!
* Various setting data such as passwords are not backed up.
* Please note that if there is a note with the same file name during restoration, it will be overwritten.

Add user data to Backup & Restore!

Apart from notes, you can back up and restore lock, sort order, color coding, and folders.
* Please note that the lock, order, color coding, and folders will be reset when restoring.

Started subscribing!

I started a subscription with the following functions added for 100JPY/ month.
· Ad Free-All ads will be hidden.
-Unlimited folders-There is no limit on the number of folders that can be created.
・ Increased accent color-You can choose from 16 colors.
・Trash expansion-You can select the number of storage days(1 to 30 days), and can store up to 100 items
* Purchase is made on Google Play and linked to your Google account.
* In principle, there is no refund, so purchases are made on a monthly basis.

Add functions to the requests of users!

★ You can request a password auth when the app returns from the background!
* The function is turned off at the time of installation. It can be changed from the setting screen.

★ You can sort of the notes as you like!
* After changing the "Sort order" on the setting screen to "Custom", you can move it by long-pressing the note on the list.

★ The scroll position of the note list is memorized after the background, and the scroll state can be maintained!

★ You can change the font size on some pages!
* Currently, you can change only the note viewing and editing pages. As a general rule, it shall be based on the terminal settings.

★ Add color-coded and folder-coded functions!
* You can create up to 5 folders, and select accent-color from 9 colors.

email: [email protected]

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