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About Pooza - Educational Puzzles for Kids

Educational puzzles for toddlers & preschoolers designed by brain scientists to improve your child’s concentration & learning abilities, reasoning & logic skills, cognitive development, and visual & spatial processing in a fun, game environment.

ImagiRation has developed a unique approach to child learning and cognitive growth. Our puzzles and exercises gradually increase in difficulty to facilitate optimal brain training. This technique has shown to increase children’s IQ by 10 to 20 points, dramatically improving their chances for academic success.

Kids learn best through play. This app includes 900+ educational puzzles designed to foster creativity, imagination, logical reasoning and critical thinking.


• 900+ puzzles that are fun and educational

• Huge collection of puzzles in a variety of categories, including: Outlines and visual integration, Pattern Detection, Picture Completion, Matrix Reasoning, Logic and Categorization, Sorting and Classifying, Block Building, and Sudoku-like exercises with shapes

• Puzzles are organized into age-appropriate bundles for ages 2-6+

• Simple drag-and-drop mechanism makes it easy for toddlers and kids to touch and move objects

• Animated characters and prizes will keep your child engaged while learning and having fun

• Puzzles gradually increase in difficulty to facilitate brain training

• Intuitive and friendly interface with beautiful graphics that every child will love

• No ads

• No setup required


• Develop critical thinking skills and logical reasoning

• Strengthen early cognitive development

• Improve visual learning and spatial thinking

• Improve fine motor skills

• Enhance problem-solving and reasoning abilities

• Improve attention and concentration

ImagiRation is developed by Dr. Andrey Vyshedskiy, a neuroscientist from Boston University; Rita Dunn, a Harvard University-educated early-child-development specialist; and a group of award-winning artists and developers.


The ImagiRation app provides exercises designed to facilitate the development of neural networks essential for creativity.

There is a strong correlation between early childhood development and the level of professional and academic success achieved later in life. Since the brain’s level of plasticity is highest in early childhood, this is the best time to foster imagination and creativity.

Visual-processing skills allow us to mentally manipulate all kind of images and ideas; they are key to both creativity and imagination. Developing these skills allows us to think creatively and devise unique plans and solutions that have never been considered before. The best time to enhance this development is during early childhood, when the brain is most susceptible to change.

Children can use this app at home or on the go. Allow your child to play and have fun while developing cognitive skills they will use throughout their lives.


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Best free puzzle app for kids by far
Bridget Grier
This app is great. My 2 & 3 year old both love it, they can work it on their own and pick a level that's good for them.
A Google user
All time best
Srinivasa Rao Mandarapu