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About POI MAP - Private Places - mark where you've been

your private database of your personal place in your pocket.
Don't forget the places you've been!
Bookmark any GEO location on your phone/tablet and automatically create a GPS map of your personal places. Mark your points of interest, restaurants, hotels, park benches with a view, ... you name it.... And share them with friends. Try it for free!

Save a location
Only in seconds,...
1.) POIs around: Use one of the public known POI around you (good to save a restaurant, church, shop, train station,...)
2.) List fo POIs world-wide: Search in the list of public known POIs somewhere in the world (especially if you want to bookmark a place in advance or longer after your visit)
3.)Finger on the map: Use our integrated map to define a point by your finger somewhere on the map (we use the GPS coordinates of your placed pin)
4.) Current location: The GPS coordinates of your location can be used directly. Store your current place independent of a street, city,... (good for hiking, geocaching, ...)
5.) Take a pictures: we use the GPS information of a taken picture to define a POI
6.) Android map: Find a place in the Android map and share it with POI MAP to store it as a personal place.

The use of POI MAP
POI MAP - is a private local database for your personal places around the world or just in your surrounding (POIbase). Based on the GPS location of your phone or tablet, you can mark and store highly efficient a Personal Point of Interest by POI MAP.
Within seconds you can add and bookmark a place you've been or you want to visit in your private database. Add your places independent what it is,... restaurant, bar, hotel, church, viewpoints, geocache, etc.). Know your places you've been and find them in a list of sights, show it on a personal map view. We know the POI around you. You can use them and enrich it with a ranking, notes, categories, tags,...

Find in your database
Search within the database and find your private place by name, position in the map, etc. in your local database. In addition you can search by individual categories, tags,...

Direct navigation is integrated in POI MAP. Use the entries in private database to reach your personal points of interest by the shortest way or book a ride by UBER or Lyft.

Share it
Share places you've been with friends and family or where you want to meet next time. We integrated the function to share cross platform (iOS and Android).

Privacy first
Privacy is all for us! Every information is stored locally on your device. We do not know your data. No centralised server is connected to POI MAP.

The POI Pin includes
- Address / position of the location
- your pictures
- Description
- 5-star ranking
- Opening hours
- Phone number
- Web site
- Timestamp (showing the actuality of the information)
- Category and tags (can be used for individual structuring)

Additional in Pro Version:
- Direct navigation by Google maps
- One-Click-Booking a ride by UBER / Lyft
- bookmark a POI directly by map-APP / pictures
- Backup your entire database

Make it your own database
We defined the most important fields for a POI based on our experience. Use category and tags to structure your places. Define your own personal categories (restaurants, churches, campsites, bookshops, geocaches,...) and/or tag the POI in addition based on your individual need.

We travel a lot and meet many people. We always wanted to store the places of interest in a fast and efficient way, to remember the places we've been, where we had a good dinner, met a colleague, saw a nice building,...

It has never been easier to mark interesting POI's where you've been. Find the places around you where you've been before and show them on the map. Use navigation or send your personal location to friends.

Ramsa Ankhiya
Tolles Design und einfach aufgebaut
Prakash Rathod