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About Cats the Commander

Google Play Japan☆彡
★Indie Games Best of 2018 Top 5★

◆ The explosive birth of new cat game! ◆
Easy to play for anyone! Super cute Cat and hyper Simple RPG!

Beginners are welcome!
Of course game freaks and children are also welcome!
Let cats take over this world !!

▼ Very easy battle system
Tap your character! They sometimes show their special moves!
Easy to play for anyone!
Let's beat all enemies to reach goals!

▼ New style attacking type tower defense!
This is a brand-new-vibe, non-stop game!
Offense is the best defence !! Cats just keep going!

▼ The world of sword, magic, fantasy and cats
Find the best combination of weapon and magic!
Enjoy unlimited patterns created by magic skill!
Rescue the Legendary 7 cat Heroes !!

Cats the commander must support 64-bit Android devices.
Operating environment after 4.3.0ver
AndroidOS5.0 or over and 64bit compatible device

If you change your phone please send this to user support team.
・Your E-mail
・User ID
※For confirmation of the OS currently in use, OS update, 64-bit compatibility, etc.
Please contact with each telecommunications carrier or Mobile phone distributor.

※※ Price ※※
This app is free - to - play and offers in - game purchases.

※This game and our company do not have anything related to "The Battle Cats" or its producer, PONOS Corporation.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Cats the Commander?

Cats the Commander is a hyper simple RPG game featuring cats and a new style attacking type tower defense. It is easy to play and has a very easy battle system.

Who can play Cats the Commander?

Anyone can play Cats the Commander, including beginners, game freaks, and children.

What is the operating environment for Cats the Commander?

Cats the Commander must support 64-bit Android devices and requires AndroidOS5.0 or over and a 64-bit compatible device.

Is Cats the Commander a free-to-play game?

Yes, Cats the Commander is a free-to-play game but offers in-game purchases.

Is Cats the Commander related to "The Battle Cats" or its producer, PONOS Corporation?

No, Cats the Commander and its company do not have anything related to "The Battle Cats" or its producer, PONOS Corporation.
Danny Boberts
I came here from a youtober
Hans Tan
JB. Your game and the artstyle makes me jealous and proud. I will provide you ideas in Twitter.
Giga Mou Man Tai
I like this game....
Donny Prastya
Carson Jacobsen
All of the cats are gooooooood
Dorsey Mendez