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About IdematLightLCA

The IdematLightLCA is an extension of the Idemat app for Sustainable Materials Selection, and offers the opportunity to make a Fast Track LCA for relative simple products (and services) ‘at your fingertip’. The background data are a selection of 720 processes from the Idematapp LCA database which is used at the Delft University of Technology. See for more information see
This app also enables the calculation of the eco-costs of a product with an Environmental Product Declaration, based on a set of EPD midpoints.
The calculations are done for 3 end-of-life scenarios (Landfill; Municipal waste treatment & open loop recycling; Closed loop recycling for the circular economy). It shows clearly the benefits of the circular economy.
The main application of the app is product innovation in the fuzzy front end of the design. Users are architects, industrial designers, business managers and students.