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About NeuraCache (for Evernote, OneNote, Roam Research)

NeuraCache: Long-term Memory Assistant

Use NeuraCache if you would like to:
👉 Study the right way. Ace any exam
👉 Have a compound effect on your learning process
👉 Quickly resurface insights from your tweets/books/notes

Current integrations :

• Evernote
• Twitter
• Roam Research
• OneNote
• Markdown Files (Obsidian md, Typora, etc.)
• Kindle Highlights

In Development :
• Notion


You read a tweet, a book or article, and make notes & highlights. In a few weeks, you can't recall anything, sounds familiar? What about the great insights from the book you read last year? In the meantime, your notes stack keeps growing and growing.

What if there would be a simple process of taking advantage of your brain's ingrained memory systems to LOCK information into your long-term memory circuits and retain what you read and learn forever?

NeuraCache was born to tackle this problem.


NeuraCache uses two science-backed and battle-tested techniques:
Spaced Repetition and Active Recall (aka Flashcards).

with Evernote:
Whenever you would like to put your note's contents into your long term memory, add "@" tag to it.

with Twitter:
Sync your most recently liked tweets, or share to NeuraCache directly.

with Kindle:
Easily import all your Kindle Highlights, and NeuraCache will organize them neatly by the book.

with OneNote:
Within your notes, mark your blocks with "?" tag, which will turn them into flashcards instantly.

with Roam Research:
Whenever you would like to put contents of a block into your long term memory - add [[@]] to it. Want to create a flashcard? Add #flashcard tag to a question and indent the back of the card.

In the background, NeuraCache will kick off Spaced Repetition, handsfree for each card.

When the time comes, NeuraCache algorithms will ask you for an initial review of the note/highlight - "How much you remember?"

The next step of Spaced Repetition will be determined based on how much of it you can recall (Adaptive Pattern - based on SuperMemo2). It can be the same day or even in 6 months. You can always manually re-review the notes yourself from the app. You can also use built-in static patterns like "review in 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 days".

For truly powerful results - instead of just seeing the note - setup an Active Recall question (think of it as a flashcards/Anki for your notes & highlights) and try to answer the question before revealing the contents of your note.

The privacy of your notes is essential to us 🤝
We never analyze/read their content. Data is stored only on your phone.

No sign-up required, start using right after install.
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Super nice app and handy to import my questions from Roam Research 👍
Daniël Korsaan
Perfect! Like it! Bravo!
Berre Berre
Una app incredibilmente utile e esteticamente ben disegnata. La sincronizzazione con file markdown per esempio di obsidian funziona perfettamente.
Leonardo Lunghi