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About Himi Uēsiliana - SUTT

The purpose of this application is to make the Hymn available for mobile users and to have it handy whenever they want it.

The Lyrical contents of the Hymn belong to the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga(SUTT).

This app is still under development and It may still have a few misspellings here and there that may need to be updated.

Please feel free to advise of any mistakes, bugs in the application or any recommendations you may have so I can look into it.


- Themes. (Light or Dark)

- All Hymn from 1 - 663.

- Add a favorite Hymn. (25 Hymn limit)

- App automatically saved recently open hymn. (last 25)

- Search by "title" or by "number" or by any phrase(s). [ only Tongan phrase(s) allowed :)]

- 100% offline. (no need to connect to the internet in order to start singing)

Just a tip for the users when searching for a hymn, you can search using numbers or if unsure of the hymn number you can search by Title or a phrase from any verse. Searching with or without special characters(eg: Sisu or Sīsū), Uppercase or Lowercase(eg: FAKAFETA'I or fakafetai) will work either way

I hope you will all enjoy using this app and hopefully find it useful.

Mālō 'aupito.

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lelei aupito eniiia ke ngaue aki kihe ngaahi kakai oe siasi
Lasalo Tuifua
Malo aupito
Esukhai Noyan
Can u please fix himi 571 veesi fakaosi Second last word is suppose to be Mo not Ma. Lol ive been singing Ma and everyone is correcting me
Katalinanfonua Holani