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About Get Results in Transition

IBM, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, has released Get Results in Transition (GRIT) for a field test for up to 25,000 transitioning Service members, Veterans, and their loved ones. The field test can expand to meet demand so if you are not part of the first 25,000, you will be placed on a waitlist and will receive an invitation as more slots open.

GRIT was designed to help our Service Members, Veterans, members of the National Guard, Reserves, and their loved ones achieve success during transition and post-military life by preparing you for the future, addressing your social needs challenges, improving your behavioral health, and equipping you with tools needed to take control and successfully manage challenges faced every day. Our 360-degree approach to addressing all dimensions of health includes the following components:

• The Mind Gym provides self-awareness and self-care without the stigma. Clinically validated tools will evaluate your state of mind and ability to cope with challenges you face every day. The app delivers recommended daily mental health practices through mobile games, exercises, and techniques like breathing and meditation to help you think more clearly, better manage your emotions, master your stress, and nudge you to an increasing positive mindset.

• Your Coping Score provides proactive intervention in the moment. Your Coping Score will be created by models using input from Mind Gym assessments, conditional screenings, and social media if you choose to include. Your Coping Score is monitored for changes and provides you with proactive intervention activities using other components of the app like engaging the Digital Assistant, your Squad, or the option to talk with a live person.

• A Squad provides you with social engagement and support. You create your Squad by assembling a virtual network of close friends, family members, and allies that can provide support, motivation, and social connectedness. As you build your Squad, the app promotes caring contact by encouraging you and Squad members to connect.

• An Employment module that personalizes job searching using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our aggregator of 51,000 job sites to provide more than 198,000 new job opportunities daily from every business with a NAICS code across all industries. Features include helping you create an employment profile consisting of your Occupational Specialty Code(s), resume, desired job location, and industry type(s). Our Digital Assistant is trained to surface employment resources including help creating a resume and cover letter, preparing for an interview, and job searching tools.

Be one of the first to have access to the GRIT app. Service members, Veterans, and their loved ones will have the opportunity to use the app to learn how to readjust to civilian life by understanding insights into emotional wellbeing, building social connection, and finding your next career opportunity. You will also be able to provide valuable feedback to better the GRIT app and increase its impact and usefulness prior to its release to the Service and Veteran community at large.