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About Meice

Meice is an all-around video editing tool that can be used without foundation

Meice tiktok Kwai is committed to editing intelligence, making the zero base also produce professional effects, and complete video editing with ease and efficiency.

[short video zone]

"Video clip" cutting, variable speed, picture in picture, stickers, filters, etc., easy to operate, all in one

"Video cutout" even if the background is not a green screen, you can also pick up the video portrait with one click

Perfect combination of "3D surround sound" music and special effects, more super subtitle presentation

"Video plus subtitle" farewell to hand play, intelligent recognition, one click add, time-saving and labor-saving

"Hand drawn video" is exclusive to the whole network, presenting audio content while talking and drawing

"Text video" audio and video intelligence into text rotation animation

"Story video" middle video with background and subtitle

"Changing book list", "karaoke", "splicing video", "particle effect"

[hot tools zone]

"Material square" has all kinds of materials, so you don't have to worry about making videos

"Sharpness improvement" photos / videos have low blurring pixels, one click to improve sharpness

"All things dig" people, animals, vehicles, etc. all things can dig

"Video plus cover" various cover materials to enhance video expression

"Video watermarking" to remove watermark and improve video quality

Video conversion, video format conversion, text to audio

[special effects video area]

Fun template 300 +, super fun, keep up with the hot, new everyday

Music album area

Multiple scales (4:3, 16:9, etc.), multiple intelligibility (720P HD, 1080p projection, etc.)

Refuse the ugly low, make the album with style, personality and height to help you keep the beautiful moments in your memory

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