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About FNF Neo Music - Chill & Pop Beat Fire Battle

The most anticipated mod version of FNF is here: So neo, so pop, so funkin!
Feel the beat 🎸, hit the notes ♫, dive into the neon lights ✨, and enjoy the Friday Nights with Boyfriend, Girlfriend and other characters in FNF Neo Music - Chill & Pop Beat Fire Battle .

In this music game for everyone, you will play as Boyfriend and defeat opponents via Friday night music battles. Your opponent goes first, you go second. But won't it stop you from creating a beautiful pop rhythm, will it? Let's win week over week and earn back Girlfriend's heart.

♫ New gameplay, yet easy to control: Just slide the gunsight where the note arrows drop to create the rhythm. The more correct beat you fire, the higher you score over your opponent.
♫ Familiar characters in brand new looks: Meet Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, Mommy Nearest, Monster, and Spirit in their Friday night club mod. Such a neo vibe!
♫ Impressive mod music, which gives you a pop, light EDM inspiration and makes you sway to the beat under the neon lights. If you're looking for a chill and lofi sounds, this game is for you.
♫ Free levels, free weeks, free characters. All you need is play to unlock everything.

With all the neo features, isn't it worth giving a try? Let's play FNF Neo Music - Chill & Pop Beat Fire Battle , NOW!

I like fnf and idc if people call it easy you can enjoy the songs
Gandom Haghighat
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Adam Raiyan