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About Shanghai Platinum Week

The Shanghai Platinum Week (SPW) is a week-long series of corporate events with a core activity of China PGMs Market Summit. The organizers will coordinate, communicate and assist all corporate activities in SPW. Our vision is to develop the most influential annual event in the global PGMs industry by working with international stakeholders. Our mission is to facilitate international cooperation and communication in market intelligence, technology, investment and business with roots in China, and strengthen the sustainable development of PGMs market.

2022 SPW is jointly organized by World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC), China Gold Association Platinum Committee (CGAPC) and China Precious Metal Industry Committee (CPMIC) of CRRA, attracting the domestic and global mainstream media.

This app will enhance your event experience by providing:

Access to view the event agenda and explore the event

Online conference platform for interacting with fellow attendees

Virtual booth for participating companies and organizations to display their corporate images

Online conference livestreaming

Platform to set up meetings with potential attendees by using the chat feature

Access speaker information at your fingertips

Latest news and information in PGMs industry

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