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About HTeaO

Welcome to the HTeaO App. Earn Drips, redeem available rewards, and get HTeaO delivered to you.

1. Ordering Ahead - Place your order through your device, and choose your preferred delivery or pick-up method.

2. Earn Drips - Earn Drips with every purchase by scanning your QR code, paying with the HTeaO App, or when checking out at the register by phone number or email address associated with the account.

3. Redeem Rewards - Use your points to redeem available HTeaO rewards of your choice.

4. Favorite Locations and Orders - We will remember your favorite order, and location of choice by setting your favorites on the HTeaO App.

So glad the best tea on the planet now has a rewards app! I love HTeaO!
Kay Doss
great service,fast and always QENCHES MY THIRST!!!
Ed Palacios
Great servce
Morgan Coats