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About Howjsay English Pronunciation

Make embarrassing mispronunciations a thing of the past with the world’s most accurate and comprehensive pronunciation dictionary. Unlike other apps no synthetic pronunciation is used, with every word carefully researched and individually recorded.

"What I love is it uses a real human voice for audio playback, and has words for pronunciation that my dictionary apps don't even have for definitions."
"I feel like I now have a secret, powerful, linguistic advantage!"
"This is one of my top 5 most useful apps"

✔ Auto-complete with over 175,000 words
✔ Search on-line to retrieve latest additions to the dictionary.
✔ Comprehensive dictionary including medical, legal, scientific, industry jargon and even current affairs and names
✔ Accurate pronunciation of heteronyms (words which are spelled the same but pronounced differently depending on context) e.g, tear, dove, close, live, alternate, etc
✔ 1,000 word history accessible offline
✔ Clear history / delete individual words

Note: An Internet connection is required to download the audio and perform new searches, as the howjsay database is too large to download and is being continuously updated.

Very good
Fario Gina
This app is my close companion. Coming from a British Caribbean territory, my speech suffers from creole interference. I also am now working in a territory whose language is influenced by American English. S...
Richard Gilkes
It stopped working! It says: Unable to play word Audio error Audio code A9 HTTP exception 403 Forbidden What do I do now? I paid for this!
Jane Grey