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About Hostme - Restaurant Management

Hostme is a modern restaurant reservation and waitlist system, including table management, online ordering, event ticketing, online booking, CRM, POS integration and more.

Features all restaurant operators need:
• Advanced reservation system: Accept reservations from your website and social media profiles
• Online reservation and waitlist: Free your phone line and let guests add their name themselves to the list
• Online ordering: Pace pickup orders for everyone safety
• Smart waitlist: Text guests when their table is ready
• Real-time communication: Email and SMS notifications for you and your guests
• Table management: Manage capacity and table turnover for optimal occupancy
• Server Rotation: Fairly assign tables amongst your staff

Unleash your restaurant online with Hostme.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hostme?

Hostme is a restaurant management system that includes features such as reservation and waitlist management, online ordering, event ticketing, online booking, CRM integration, and POS integration.

What are some features of Hostme?

Hostme offers advanced reservation system, online reservation and waitlist management, online ordering, smart waitlist with text notifications, real-time communication via email and SMS, table management for optimal occupancy, and server rotation to fairly assign tables among staff.

Can I accept reservations from my website and social media profiles with Hostme?

Yes, Hostme allows you to accept reservations from your website and social media profiles.

How does the online reservation and waitlist feature work?

With Hostme, you can free your phone line and let guests add their own names to the waitlist online, saving time and reducing manual efforts.

Does Hostme offer online ordering?

Yes, Hostme provides online ordering functionality, allowing customers to place pickup orders conveniently and safely.

How does the smart waitlist feature work?

The smart waitlist feature in Hostme allows you to automatically text guests when their table is ready, ensuring efficient communication and minimizing wait times.

Can I manage table capacity and turnover with Hostme?

Yes, Hostme includes table management functionality that allows you to efficiently manage capacity and table turnover to optimize occupancy.

Does Hostme offer server rotation?

Yes, Hostme provides server rotation feature, which fairly assigns tables among your staff, ensuring a balanced workload and better customer service.

What kind of notifications does Hostme offer?

Hostme offers email and SMS notifications for both restaurant owners and guests, keeping everyone informed about reservations, waitlist status, and other important updates.

How can Hostme help unleash my restaurant online?

Hostme empowers your restaurant with its comprehensive features, allowing you to efficiently manage reservations, waitlist, online orders, and communication, ultimately enhancing your online presence and customer experience.
Affordable. No hidden costs. Easy to use.
A Google user
Great app. I just found that setting reservation hour is a bit complicated..
Gönenç Menteşe
cool stuff recomended
Can Somyurek
Life saver
Matija Sladakovic
Affordable, works well, has everything we need. Recommended.
Christopher Michaud
Excellent tool for our restaurant
Shaw Supply