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About Sudden Warrior (Tap RPG)

How is your warrior? Still fighting loneliness?

This is an action RPG different from any other!
Experience fun and thrilling battles that you never experienced before!

Help the warrior recover and assist attacks while enjoying an entirely different gameplay!

Keep off the monsters and go beyond limits with endless battles!

Numerous worlds and a variety of monsters! The pleasure of basic RPG, with a variety of equipment and attire to obtain through out the game!

Costumes that make you look forward to the next

fun and interesting storylines, the ending of the story has a twist?!

With an urgency that keeps you on the edge

let’s help our mighty man through a variety of ways to bridge over his ordeal!

If you have any inquiries or errors in the game, please contact us. We look forward to your feedback and will reply to any questions as soon as possible!

■■■■■ Recommended point ■■■■■

- Easy operation, hottest action!
- Fun game!
- Monster Defense!
- 1 vs 100 fight!
- If you like Tap RPG!
- You like to grow assassin!
- You can enjoy this game even idle play type!

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the best tap games imo, not only the taps are automatic, its easy to play and have no sudden ads popped out on ur screen
[ insert appropriate name ]
Love it
Xiao 089 dude
Nice easy game. Love how it's automatic, but yet fun. Thanks to the makers, you guys are awesome!!!
Mary Cristine Ackerman