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About Home Design Dreams - Design My Dream House Games

Welcome to Home Design Dreams! Play the best Home Design match 3 puzzle game! Enjoy the game that fuses colorful matching puzzle levels with a home you restore, makeover and decorate! Be the best fantasy room designer by helping lucky families restore their houses and dreams into reality with amazing home makeovers! Many free styles and furniture combinations await you in-game! Solve fun match 3 puzzles to help design, customize and decorate the perfect fantasy sweet dream home with beautiful room decor. Make the right choices it could be either flip or flop. Lots of families are counting on you to restore their room down-and-out fixer uppers! Let’s run the happy sweet memories paint lane!

Game features:

* House Design: Open-ended addictive puzzle game-play. Various styles at your disposal! makeover, build, create, paint and restore other people’s houses and rancho all by yourself and make them happy!

* Multiple Stories: Different stories focus on different people who went through different situations in their mystery lives which makes it even more exciting and happy sweet story ! Follow along, build and makeover with the mystery adventure story lane while designing your sweet dream homes!

* Design, create, renovate, build, flip, fix, makeover, craft, paint different room styles simulation, including happy family-friendly living rooms, stylish kitchens, awesome sweet bathrooms and cool bedrooms! Convert flop designs to fantastic decorating designs!

* Remodel home / mansion / island / castle interiors - modern or old school style room? Your craft, your decor, you design!

* Unlock Mysteries: More progression would mean more unlocking of mystery, bits and pieces of different happy stories and more rancho décor simulation !

* Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end decorating interior designer furniture, decor lighting, paint, craft, flooring and other furniture or just avoid plain flop fantasy room designs!

* Experience addicting game-play simulation with offline mode so you can take the game from your decorating your interior home to the sweet happy lane full of fun memories!

* Exciting match 3 blast levels: Hundreds of challenging match-3 levels with many awesome boosters and blast. More matching challenging means more decor and more fun sweet simulation !

* Vivid characters with fun stories and memories: Fun and happy unique flipping characters! many more sweet surprises!

* Multiple houses / mansion / castle / island: Not satisfied with decorating or building or designing or restoring only one mystery house / castle / mansion / island and just one sweet fantasy story? We have plenty of simulation mystery houses for you to build, flip, design, craft, paint, create or decorate and have a blast !

* Multiple Era’s in different centuries with story lane memories : Various Eras and different times, decorate a fantasy mansion or build a castle on an island, or a modern house multiple choices and fun stories to unlock!

* Frequent, fresh and free story content updates with new fantasy interior design craft challenges, floor plans, landscaping, designing, building, decorating seasonal room items and more!

Let's get matching, run the sweet memories lane and transform outdated homes / castle / mansion / island / houses into fabulous family hangouts and fun blast ! You don’t necessarily have to be a house flipper or need to have any knowledge of house building, designing or flipping.

What are you waiting for? Let’s run the sweet memories lane and let’s start to paint and decorating now! Come play the Home Design Dreams! Time to show your designer talent for home-design in-game! Take the reins and bring your dream house to life now for free! Let’s walk down that lane and have a blast. Home Design Dreams is a free to play game. Get it now for free!!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Home Design Dreams?

Home Design Dreams is a match 3 puzzle game that allows players to restore, makeover, and decorate homes while solving fun puzzles.

What are the features of the game?

The game features open-ended addictive puzzle gameplay, multiple stories with different characters and situations, the ability to design and decorate various room styles, unlock mysteries and progression, a wide variety of high-end furniture and decor options, offline mode, exciting match 3 blast levels, vivid characters with fun stories, multiple houses and eras to design, and frequent content updates.

Is Home Design Dreams free to play?

Yes, Home Design Dreams is a free to play game.

Can I play the game offline?

Yes, the game has an offline mode, allowing you to play and decorate your homes even without an internet connection.

Can I customize and decorate different room styles?

Yes, you can design and decorate various room styles including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. You can also convert flop designs into fantastic decorating designs.

Are there challenging puzzle levels in the game?

Yes, the game offers hundreds of challenging match 3 puzzle levels with boosters and blasts to make the gameplay more exciting.

Can I unlock new stories and mysteries in the game?

Yes, as you progress in the game, you can unlock more stories, pieces of different happy stories, and more rancho decor simulations.

Is there frequent content updates in the game?

Yes, the game provides frequent, fresh, and free story content updates including new interior design craft challenges, floor plans, landscaping, seasonal room items, and more.

Do I need any knowledge or experience in house flipping or building to play the game?

No, you don't need any prior knowledge or experience in house flipping or building. The game is designed for players to enjoy home design and decoration without any specific expertise.
The materials and amazing
Deepcool Stranded
Good app 👏👏👌
Nayyab Zaheen
The best home design game ever
Zaitul Azlan
I went this game
sanya Gowressoo
It is really fun you decorate different rooms
Tiffany Moreland
Really relaxing. No stress re finishing matches so far.
helena reynders