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About Workplaze

The Workplaze is a full-feature platform of HCM solutions that covers all HR needs from basic admin, and operation to talent management. What sets us apart from the competition is a true understanding of the SEA countries and localizations for these markets; Project Management, Continuous Performance Management, and OKRs – is the newest trend in collaboratively establishing objectives, assigning targets, and tracking results (just to name three).

Ultimately, the Workplaze is designed from every aspect to help HR create a high impact on their organizations. We help our clients to CREATE CAPACITY by moving to a digital way of work, to BRING CONVENIENCE by creating a better employee experience with employee-self-service (ESS), to GROW their employees' CAPABILITIES by driving strategic workforce planning and talent management and by fostering a culture of learning, re-skilling, and up-skilling. And last but not least, we enable them to BOOST CREDIBILITY by creating a flexible workforce, boosting flexible compensation & benefits policies, and by gleaning meaningful workforce insight with real-time people analytics.

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