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About Fairy State

Does anybody want to go questing in Fairy State?
"Fairy State" is the hottest Fairy theme MMORPG game in 2020.
In the world of Fairy State , opportunities and challenges coexist. Fashion Customs ; Cute pets; Cool ride; Friendship; Love story, all of these are waiting for you in this beautiful and gorgeous fairy world. Absolutely no dull moment, absolute test of your skill! If you ever dreaming about flying in the sky or playing with friends from all over the world. Join us now! Strike the stress in reality.

The game features
【Fantastic View】
Beautiful game scenes, Colorful and interesting background story, come and create your own fairy world. Super real sound effect brings you the ultimate experience.
【Diverse cultivation】
Freely forge multiply gem and soul. You are free to choose your unique properties,raise your own ride fashion wings, with your own unique magic weapon, lead the fashion trend of Firmament City.
【Social interaction】
Cross servers system offer you infinity space to make friends from other world. Mutiplayers are able to build a team PK.with Boss. More opportunity to acquire rare Weapon and Gear.
【Love system】
Special wedding gameplay can offer you a chance to realize the dream wedding. Come and find your true love in "Fairy State". More fabulous destiny is waiting for you.

Nice graphics
Gabriel Labrador
I download it about a week ago and its great Its underrated game but this game need more players thats all
I would like to recommend this what if a 5 1star items can create a new 2 star one it is so hard to get 2 stars always I'd grind for hours and hours but I only get 2 2stars lv4 item, my time and effort :( pl...
EL Presidente Channel
So far so good.
Squall Lionheart
I love this game
patrick jason
i like this game. 👍🏻👍🏻
Miqz sawr