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Blip™ was a portable Pong-style game made in 1977 - the year handheld video games were just catching on. Although it was branded "The Digital Game", the action was purely mechanical, powered by a wind-up timer.

However, rather than being mechanical, this faithful 2021 reproduction has been written using Flutter™.

The game-play mimics the original even down to, what appears to be, random ball movement.

The only modern-day modifications are the addition of 4 green icons, which toggle:

- number of players (1 or 2)
- speed (slow or normal)
- sound (on or off)
- score reset

A simple yet annoyingly frustrating retro game - preserved for future generations to enjoy!

It's just like the original! Just as frustrating and challenging. Good to see that it's now preserved.
Amanda Skull