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About PSX Alert

Pakistan's first app that allows you to access the keep track of your investments in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Track your portfolio in real-time, set alerts for prices, and get real-time alerts. Not only that but you can search for the ideal stock picks based on their fundamentals.

PSX Alert allows you to manage your portfolio effectively and efficiently.
1. Daily and total profit/loss on your entire portfolio.
2. Profit and loss on individual stocks
3. Dividends earned from individual stocks
4. Total dividends earned from the portfolio.
5. Register Buy/Sell transactions of stocks by providing transaction date and price.

1. Set price alerts for individual stock picks,
2. View progress towards the set alert
3. Get notified whenever that stock pick reaches that price.

1. Get live market data of Pakistan Stock Exchange for KSE 100, KSE 30, KSE ALL & KMI 30, and All Share Islamic Index (tentative)
2. Get trading data including volumes, highs, lows, and current prices for individual stock picks.
3. Check daily market movers (active, gainers, and losers) from the Market section

- Query stocks based on their fundamentals
- Filter on the basis of their sectors.

- Get to know all the payout announcements made by companies.
- Get Ex-dates of all upcoming Dividends, Bonuses, and Right Shares.

* The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) was previously known as the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and was formed as a merger of various stock exchanges in Pakistan.

Great App! Speedy and User friendly. Highly Recommended.
Syed Saqeeb