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About Herd: Work Life Coordinator

All-inclusive mobile HRMS solution for SME. Herd: Work Life Coordinator, allows you to access and stay up-to-date on all your work activities – from Payroll, Attendance, Leave and Claims. The days of using paper forms are over. Mobile access is becoming a necessity. Find out what you need to know instantly on one app, this app, your app – the Herd app.
With the Herd, you and your employee will be able to:
Attendance: It's as simple as taking a selfie. Combining Facial Recognition and GPS location verification, managing your human capital can be much smoother and remote.

Note: A clutter-free space for note taking, help you to create notes, organize them, collaborate on them, and work smarter.

Payslips: Received and retrieved payslips (Present & Past) on your app - no more misplacing paper payslips.

Leave: Apply, approve or reject leave in a matter of seconds. Improves efficiency by reducing paperwork, labour and time from the entire leave application process.

Claims: The new tools speed up the reimbursement process – purchase, snap, submit, approve or reject. Multilevel approval by different line managers can be set for the different requests.

Timesheets: Observe and stay updated of timesheet status.
A Quick access platform for employers and employees to share responsibility in ensuring accurate and timely timesheets - no more month end mad rush!

Work Schedule: Build your team schedules in minutes. Streamline your workflow by easy create, edit and share work schedule with your team.

Take Herd on-the-go for an immediate, effective and organised manner to stay posted on your personal and job details like never ever before.
Getting Started:
To start using Herd, you must be an authorised user to access the app and have an account with Herd.
Download the app now to experience what we can do for you. Why spend time when you can save it for us to do the work?

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